Boxcar Single

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BoxcarSingle_Walnut_3901 copy.jpg

Boxcar Single


The Walnut Boxcar Singles are made from solid wood with a clear finish. This small succulent planter makes a big impact as a table centerpiece, on a desk or in the window.

Includes a stainless-steel insert to plant within.
Succulent plants are recommended.
*Do not allow water to remain on wood finish. Water spots may occur*

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The Boxcars are hand-made at our workshop in Portland, Oregon. Please allow for up to 7 days for shipping.

What's in the Box:  One Walnut (darker wood) or Ash (lighter wood) Boxcar Single succulent planter, one stainless-steel inserts for planting into and care instructions for the Boxcar planter.

Features:  Boxcar Singles are made of solid wood. The Boxcar Single looks great on a desk or a small space.

Size & Compatibility:  Dimensions- 4”L x 2 5/8”H x 2 7/8”W   The stainless-steel insert holds a 2” succulent plant.

Materials:  Walnut or Ash, Oil-based topcoat and Stainless Steel insert. The materials for the Boxcar planters have been carefully considered for both function and design.  Both the wood comes form Eastern United States and consists of grain variations making each Boxcar Set truly unique. We use an oil-based finish to enhance the beauty and the longevity of the planter. The stainless steel inserts will not rust and prevent rot or cracking inside the wood holes.

Care Instructions: 

  • Transplant the succulent into the stainless steel cups provided. Do not plant directly in the hole.
  • Keep the soil line below the top of the stainless steel cups so soil won’t come into contact with the wood once they’re in place.
  • Place the planted stainless steel cups into the Boxcar body.
  • Carefully water the plant and avoid overflow into the hole of wooden planter. The succulent plants only require a few drops of water every two to three weeks.

*Attention: Do not allow water to remain on wood finish after watering.  Spotting may occur.*

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