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RDH designer Zoe Blatter

Joe Gibson

Raised in the South, Joe Gibson now spends his days in the Pacific Northwest, nestled in the uber-creative industrial Eastside of Portland, Oregon. Joe obtained his BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2009 with a focus in woodworking and metalsmithing. Since then, he continues to develop his skills of craft and design in furniture, lighting and jewelry.

In 2009, Joe was a founding member in Namuh Design, a Portland based lighting firm. His main goal within the firm was to merge the ideas of Craft with Industrial Design by creating unique objects of lighting which could be manufactured easily yet present a beautiful solution to lighting. In 2011, Joe Gibson and partner, Dylan Lynch founded Revolution Design House. Joe is the Director of Product and Designer Development and has many facets when it comes to being involved with design, but his true passion is creating the one of a kind hand-made-object.

"A person’s appreciation to the 'hand-made' is what inspires me. What’s powerful is the pride an owner has when telling a friend the story of their hand-made object. Imagine if we could somehow offer that magical emotion to everybody – for everything they owned."

Fueled by strong coffee and a creative mind, Joe enjoys making prototypes ands investigating forms with scraps of wood and metal he might find lying in his shop. When he’s making an object such as a piece of furniture, Joe conveys a high level of craftsmanship and his appreciation to the Mid-Century design. He creates timeless designs which last both physically and aesthetically. As the Director of Designer Development at Revolution Design House, Joe is constantly involved in working with other designers and makers. His enthusiasm for collaborating with a diverse group of artist bolsters Joe’s design evolution and constantly challenges him. 

Zoe Blatter

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Zoe Blatter spent his childhood surrounded by his parents' urban farm and garden center. Tinkering from an early age, Zoe found himself drawn to the intersection of art and science. After studying Graphic Design for two years, he transferred to the University of Oregon's fledgeling Product Design program where he graduated in 2012 alongside the first full BFA class.

In the summer of 2011, Zoe interned with RDH for 4 months as the company was just getting off the ground. After graduating, he was brought back on as industrial designer. 

"Good design isn't about finding the right answer to any one problem, it's about asking the right questions. Without the right question, a good answer doesn't mean much."