This is the third collection in the Boxcar One artist series, featuring Portland based artist Damien Gilley. These six original designs are hand painted and laser engraved with gold and fluorescent paint and showcases Gilley's attention to detail with his intricate patterns and lines. The Boxcar One artist series was on exhibit for Design Week Portland in 2016. 

The second Boxcar One exhibition, these 30 pieces were shown in a special gallery event during Design Week Portland in October, 2014. Building on the success of the first BoxcarOne, these artists pushed the boundaries of creativity, style, and concept even further. 

Our first Artist Series, these 13 BoxcarOnes were exhibited in the Centrum Gallery at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in June 2014. These Boxcars were created by artists from around the country with varied backgrounds and disciplines including fine arts, fashion, and digital manufacturing.